Saturday, January 1, 2011


Too much champagne, not enough sleep.

But we made a good start to the New Year, hubby and I, and that’s all I had wished for as we clinked glasses and made our toasts.

Along with mundane thoughts and a tiny headache this morning comes a yearning to reinvent myself. This is nothing new as I get like this every so often, a throw-back to earlier years when it seemed a good idea to always keep moving.

They say that at the end of your life, what you regret the most is what you haven’t done. So reinventing myself while I still have time is simply a way to get back on track with what I want my life to be, by shedding what I no longer want, re-assessing what I actually need, prioritizing, and then taking concrete steps to attain those new goals. I know from experience that sometimes that process leads to chaos and sometimes it leads to peace of mind. I’ve had the pleasure of both and can attest to the fact that introspection and inner-growth can come from either one. Change is always good, even if, especially if, at first it causes pain and discomfort.

As I step into this New Year, I feel that familiar inner pull tugging at my spirit once more. There is a strong sense of urgency this time, a reminder that I no longer have oodles of time ahead of me. I look around at family and friends, some of whom are tackling huge life issues, and I am convinced that the old poster over my bed when I was a teen, held a truth we can only fully appreciate now that we’re older; today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Let’s not waste a moment.

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